Learn the Pros and Cons of Debate at Crestview Prep

Debate trains your analytical thinking, critical thinking, persuasive speaking, note-taking, speed reading, and in-depth research skills. Debate does not only teach a person how to win an argument, but also gives student essential life skills.

For starters, policy debating looks fantastic on a college application or a job resume. This is because debate enables one to develop phenomenal speaking skills, confidence, organization, and critical thinking skills.

Learn persuasive communication –Debate will make anybody into a confident speaker that can stand up in any audience. Not only that, debate will increase a person’s cohesive speaking abilities and lead to more persuasive and easier communication.

Teach you better cooperation – As two person teams, a debater can operate much more easily with more than one person. Teamwork is a golden rule in debate. Not a single tournament is won without the help of the team.

Foster organization skills – If you are not organized, debates become very hassled, so organization helps one to prepare faster, hassle less, and operate efficiently.

Crestview Preparatory School is proud of their debaters, which are placed second in the Golden West League. The topic was Gun Control with the students debating for the Proposition. It was a close decision, adjudicated by a panel of judges in the final match. Students presented strong cases and evidence, what an amazing end to the season. The school always encourages any interested fifth and sixth grade students to sign up for a debate club next year.

You can visit Crestview Preparatory School on 140 Foothill Boulevard, La Canada, call them on (818) 952-0925 or email directly to info@crestviewprep.org. You can also visit their website at www.crestviewprep.org.



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