Maranatha High School: Welcome Back Team NOLA 2016

Maranatha High School expresses its thanks to all those who prayed for the success of Team NOLA 2016 Mission Trip. After a wonderful week full of hard work, fellowship, and fun, the team is back in LA. One of the trip leaders, Eddie Arnett ’96, stated, “I had an epiphany on this trip. The Lord doesn’t always use our gifts and talents to bless people. He can use the unknown inside of us and show us what our capabilities really are. These kids may have not known what construction is comprised of or how to use certain tools and machinery, but they dove in and learned! They were so eager and willing and it was like all these things came naturally to them even though they may have never even done it before in their lives. We thank the Lord for our students and their dedication to serve God and be His hands and feet.”

Maranatha High School continues to raise its commitment to strategically partner with local churches to grow disciples who intentionally live out the Gospel.

In New Orleans, Team NOLA 2016 partnered for their construction projects, with the St. Bernard Project, an award-winning non-profit committed to rebuilding the entire St. Bernard Parish. The St. Bernard Parish rebuilds homes for senior citizens, people with disabilities, and families with children who cannot afford to have their homes rebuilt by contractors. Throughout this process, volunteers play a vital role in the rebuilding program. Every day between 100-250 volunteers are in the field working on clients homes and/or providing support through encouragement and meaningful relationships.

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