Mayfield Senior School Conservatory students given honors by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

Kendall Odermatt ’15 with her self portrait entitled "The Joker" in November, 2012. Kendall was given Honorable Mentions for this drawing.

Last week, the results of the prestigious national Scholastic Art and Writing awards were announced and Mayfield Senior School’s Conservatory for the Arts program is the home of nine regional award winners. These awards are given to high school students and judged by professional artists based on originality, technical skill, and the emergence of personal voice or vision. This is the highest award a high school artist can receive nationally, with teens from 7-12th grades applying in 28 categories for the highest honors. According to the award’s website, “in the past five years alone, submissions have topped 700,000 works, and students have been eligible for over $25 million in awards and scholarships.”

In the pool of Mayfield Senior School winners, there are two Gold Key winners, two Silver Key recipients and eight Honorable Mentions. The Gold Key award is the highest honor available, followed by the Silver Key award. With the stakes so high in this competition, being named to the Honorable Mentions category is a highly prestigious honor. Gold and Silver key Visual Arts award winners will have the opportunity to exhibit their work at The Armory for the Arts center in Pasadena during March.

Mayfield Senior School congratulates its student artists who received these prestigious honors:

Laura Lundegard ’14, Gold Key and American Visions Nominee, for her Anything But Fabric Dress
Bridget Parrish ’14, Gold Key, Anything But Fabric dress
Alison Young ’13, Silver Key, drawing, “Self-portrait”
Josie Luck ’13, Silver Key, drawing, “The Drama of Solemnity”
Kate Alders ’13, Honorable Mention drawing, “Hope: Mayfield Breezeway”
Katarina Bethel ’13, Honorable Mention for her creative writing portfolio
Jacqueline Mix ’13, Honorable Mention, Painting, “La Siège De La Normandie Par Les Enfants”
Kendall Odermatt ’15, Honorable Mention, Drawing “The Joker”
Bridget Parrish ’14, Honorable Mention, Mixed Media “Catastrophic Calibrations”
Courtney Presley ’13, Honorable Mention, Photography “Blinded”
Alison Young ’13, two Honorable Mentions for a drawing, “Transparent” and a painting, “Elephants”

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