Mayfield Senior School Faculty Participate in “Rigor and Relevance” Training

With expanded technologies available to our faculty, immersive training was provided to enhance the integration of technology into the curriculum. Mayfield Senior School faculty participated in a training by the International Center for Leadership in Education. This “Rigor and Relevance” training helped our teachers to brainstorm creatively about how to develop lesson plans that will provide students with both academic challenge and relevance to the world around them.

In June, faculty began their training, and a week before students returned to campus to complete the second half of the training. Teachers reviewed sample lesson plans, as well as their own lessons, to determine how to create “end-in-mind,” “cross curricular” lesson plans that will challenge and engage our students. This framework helps teachers to better understand how students use information to maximize learning retention. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the lessons help students connect their learning to the community and wider world.

Teachers collaborated during the training to determine how their own lesson plans could be enhanced and increased in relevant, while promoting academic integrity and rigor. With the new technological advancements through our expansion of the South Wing this summer, Mayfield Senior School aims to provide the most technologically advanced learning possible. Integrated with the information from “Rigor and Relevance,” the faculty embark on the new year with fresh enthusiasm.


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