Pasadena Christian Preschool “Sand in Your Shoe”

Visit the Pasadena Christian Preschool any day and you will find its children excavating, heaping, heaving, sifting, pouring, and learning through the magic of sand exploration and play. Whether it’s digging out a trench to fill with water or heaping a mound for a volcano experiment, the children relish the dusty, dirty, gritty experience of the sand. For over twenty years, PCS’ sand has received much love and attention from the children and it was time for a change and refresh.

Through the help of a grant provided to us by Options for Learning, a child care and early learning services program through the state of California, Pasadena Christian School was able to replace the sand in both the large sandbox and younger pod box. PCS is appreciative of the Options for Learning program and their support especially during these trying times.

PCS is also grateful for the hard work of its own Environmental Services team. Mr. Dave Ekstrand and his crew spent three days over the recent holidays eliminating the old sand and replacing it with the 36 tons of new sand. While it might seem like a minor change, sand for sand. In reality it is huge with regards to the health, safety, and wellbeing of students and staff. The children were elated to find a fresh sandy landscape awaiting them upon their return from their brief break. They have wasted no time fully immersing themselves by digging right in. After all, what would a day at preschool be without some sand in your shoe?

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