Pasadena Waldorf School’s Doodle Art Challenge

Doodle art challenge! Pasadena Waldorf School (PWS) high school students organized a doodle challenge with one of its High School teacher Ms. Ribeiro that spanned nine¬†days. Each day one of them suggested something to draw/sketch – they could use whatever media/medium they wanted and didn’t show each other drawings until the ninth day. It’s a fun way of keeping the students interest alive and their creations were amazing. Some of the results are shown above. Pasadena Waldorf School is committed to the intellectual, creative, physical and social growth of its students whether its on a physical classroom or an online one.

Day 1: A donut
Day 2: An alien lady
Day 3: Sushi
Day 4: A witch
Day 5: A garden
Day 6: A butterfly
Day 7: A dog
Day 8: Coronavirus as a Disney villain
Day 9: A celestial being

Check out PWS Facebook Page for more of Doodle Art Challenge!

Pasadena Waldorf School (Lower School K-8), 209 East Mariposa Street, Altadena, (626) 794-9564 or visit






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