Pasadena Waldorf’s Lower and Middle School Curriculum

Lower School (Grades 1 – 5)

Beginning with a warm greeting every morning, grade school students develop deep and loving relationships with their teachers that are nurtured over time. Grade teachers travel with their students through the grades, while subject teachers also teach across all grades, developing close relationships with the children.

The students are deeply immersed for the first part of each day in two-to-three week blocks of learning called Main Lesson. Following the developmental guidelines of the Waldorf curriculum, every subject is enlivened through poetry, song, drama, movement, drawing, painting and experiences in the natural environment.

Lower School Curriculum

Mathematics: From the introduction of numbers, all four arithmetic operations, and form drawing through increasing complexity and application of skills in measurement, fractions, decimals, number patterns, and freehand geometric drawings.

Language Arts: From introduction of letters through proficiency in reading, writing and grammar, stories from fairy tales to legends, fables, and Old Testament, Norse, ancient Indian Persian, Babylonian and Greek mythologies.

History: From home surroundings to local history, California and American history, and many ancient cultures through Alexander the Great.

Geography: From nature stories in the garden to local geography, California geography and that of North America.

Natural Science: From experiences in the natural world to gardening, farming, shelter building and the study of animals and plants.

Foreign Languages: Starting in Grade 1, students learn both Japanese and Spanish languages, arts, and culture.

Middle School (Grades 6 – 8)

As students arrive on the cusp of adolescence, the rigorous PWS Middle School program challenges their emerging thinking, reasoning, and inquiry. On an ever-deepening base of foundational skills, students explore the world. Continuing artistic work in diverse fields of fine, practical, and performing arts hones the powers of perception and develops skillfulness in the context of a rigorous practice. Pasadena Waldorf Middle School students also have opportunities to experience themselves within the context of a wider social group during curricular and extracurricular activities that bring together the whole the Middle School.

Grades 7 and 8 also focus on preparing our students for the promotion to Pasadena Waldorf High School.

Middle School Curriculum

History: From Rome, through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Age of Enlightenment, revolutions, industrialization, and into modern times students trace the development of Western civilization to the present.

English: Foundational skills in vocabulary, grammar, composition, and writing of reference papers are developed. Elements of poetry and figurative language, including ballads, sonnets, epics, Chaucer and Shakespeare, short stories, modern American and British novels and plays are explored.

Geometry: Geometric drawing with instruments, plane geometry, solid geometry, and Platonic solids.

Mathematics: Percents, ratio, proportion, areas, formulas, algebra from the simple equation through quadratics, powers and roots, binary system, inequalities, numerical trigonometry, probability, logic and problem-solving.

Geography: Western Hemisphere and the poles, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, oceans and winds of the world, world economic geography.

Natural Sciences: Mineralogy, geology, astronomy, meteorology, human physiology and anatomy.

Physics: Optics, acoustics, heat, electricity, magnetism, hydraulics, mechanics.


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