Primary at Oak Knoll

At Oak Knoll Montessori School (OMS), its Primary program integrates experiential and disciplined learning. OMS strive to foster a sense of wonder, exploration, and discovery. OMS teachers emphasize a love of learning for each child, engaging both the mind and the heart.

Primary 3 – 6 Years

The Primary Community is a multi-aged preschool and kindergarten program. During this full cycle of approximately 3½ years, children are guided towards the acquisition of social, emotional, intellectual and practical skills that foster care, self-confidence, and a sense of community. It is during this period that the child acquires skills and knowledge at a rate that is never again seen in his or her lifetime.

The class environment is carefully prepared to encourage movement, sensorial exploration, and independence. The children are introduced to progressively challenging activities in four key areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, and Mathematics. Most lessons are given individually, allowing children to progress at their own pace and leave the program with refined concentration skills, self-confidence, and a sincere desire to learn.

Practical Life

The Practical Life work allows children to participate in the care of both themselves and their classrooms. It allows the child to “Help me do it by myself.” The child learns how to concentrate and accomplish practical skills that provide a sense of accomplishment, purpose, and connection to their community. Practical Life activities lead the child into further areas of exploration.


The Sensorial Area allows children to refine their senses and provides the keys to the world. Through carefully prepared materials that isolate a particular sensory area, children learn to identify smells, weights, color gradations, length, among many other activities. This work provides the child with clear, tangible, information about their environment as well as the language to talk about it. The child learns to understand and adapt to their environment through these concrete experiences with the senses that feed the intelligence.


The Language Area of the classroom invites the child to read and write in ways that are natural and intuitive. We introduce children to writing and sounds and through work with senses, vocabulary, and expression they come to reading in a way that supports their development and expression of their personality. Utilizing both language and comprehension the child explores the rich language materials and gains confidence in expressing themselves.


The Montessori mathematics materials support the child’s deep understanding of numbers and number sense. The materials allow exploration with counting, the decimal system, computation, whole numbers, and fractions, and the development of logic and abstraction.

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