San Marino High School’s Citizenship Grade

Since the founding of San Marino High School, district and school leaders have placed great importance on the development of student citizenship. The mission of the district and the school is to help develop the traits necessary for student success in high school, college and beyond. Citizenship is described as those traits that demonstrate a readiness to learn, responsibility, respect, and the ability to form positive interpersonal relationships. To that end, students will earn a citizenship grade of A-F in every class. Citizenship grades will be based on the following criteria:

• The student is on time, in class and ready to learn every day when not home due to an excused absence (Ready to Learn)
• The student follows all school and class rules as well as the laws of the greater San Marino community, and takes responsibility for their actions (Responsibility)
• The student shows respect for the ideas, opinions, property and diversity of others and contributes to a positive school culture (Respect)


While citizenship grades do not appear on transcripts, they will be included on quarter report cards if requested by a college. Additionally, citizenship grades affect students in the following ways.

• A student may participate in the graduation ceremony during their senior year if they earned a minimum C (2.0) average in citizenship during the time that they were enrolled at San Marino High School. Seniors must have a 2.0 CPA during their senior year in order to participate in graduation ceremonies.
• Low citizenship grades may affect a teacher’s willingness to write a letter of recommendation for college admission purposes.
• Citizenship grades are included in a counselor’s letter of recommendation. Citizenship is part of the Counselor’s School Report to colleges.
• A student’s eligibility to participate in sports, activities, and artistic performances will in part be based on citizenship grades (see eligibility section in the Titan Guide).
• A senior must have and maintain a minimum C average in citizenship from grades 9-11 in order to earn and keep an off campus lunch privilege during the senior year.
• A student must have and maintain a minimum C average in citizenship from grades 9-11 in order to obtain a parking permit.
• Students must have and maintain a minimum C average in citizenship throughout the school year in order to attend prom.
• Any student who receives 1 or more F grades in citizenship at the time citizenship grades are checked may have one or more of the aforementioned privileges suspended for two weeks (regardless of the average citizenship grade earned).


Students will receive an A-F citizenship grade in each class. Grades are calculated on an on-going basis and per district policy, are included on a report card at the end of each quarter. Citizenship grades reset at the end of the first semester. Citizenship grades are based on the three criteria listed in this policy’s introduction: students are ready to learn; students are responsible; students are respectful.

* Important note: certain behaviors lead to an automatically lowered citizenship grade regardless if the behaviors occur “frequently, usually, never, etc.” Issues involving academic dishonesty, poor attendance and cellphone violations are examples.


Students will have the opportunity to remediate a low citizenship grade if the grade was lowered due to tardies. Upon a student’s 5th or 6th tardy (resulting in a D or F citizenship grade), the student may ask the teacher for an opportunity to remediate their citizenship grade (assuming there are no other reasons why the student has an F citizenship grade). The teacher will inform the assistant principal in charge of discipline of the student’s desire. The assistant principal will assign the student two hours of school service (campus cleanup, special projects, teacher assistance, etc.) Once the school service is complete, the student’s citizenship grade will be raised to C grade. Several important points about remediation:

• Remediation will only be offered for grades lowered due to tardies.
• To remediate a grade, school service must be completed before the end of the quarter.
• Remediation will only be offered once in each class per semester.


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