Sequoyah Stem Institute Students Participate in Science Experiments

11th graders from Sequoyah’s Stem Institute came to the K-8 campus yesterday to do science experiments with Nest, Backyard, Bamboo Forest and Pond. Students learned how to make fog, plant seeds and participated in a design challenge.

Sequoyah’s Stem Institute is a structured independent study course open to all students. Student team leaders will facilitate a small group in exploring the research topic of an active STEM Institute project. Students may enroll in any of the following: Mod 1, Mods 2-3, Mod 4, Mods 5-6. Students will read primary research papers, form discussion groups, and write a blog post for the STEM Institute about their research subject and interview researchers in the local LA community. Students who enroll for multiple mods will complete an outreach project, in which they will design a unit for an existing course that focuses on the area of research they explore.

Sequoyah School, 301 N. Orange Grove Blvd., Pasadena, (626) 441-2076 or visit





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