South Pasadena Unified Assists with California’s Water Conservation Efforts

The September/October 2015 report on water use within South Pasadena Unified School District shows that overall water consumption is down by 45% equating to approximately $10,000 in cost savings as compared to usage reports from September/October 2014. Given Governor Jerry Brown’s recent extension of the executive order requiring Californians to conserve water, the district is poised to continue to meet and surpass the statewide mandate.

“The district has undertaken a variety of initiatives to help reduce overall water usage and to save money on water expenditures,” said Geoff Yantz, South Pasadena Unified School District Superintendent. “Students within the district are learning how changing behaviors at home affect water conservation, and at the district level, we are doing our best to enact effective changes at all our campuses.”

The South Pasadena school district is the largest water consumer within South Pasadena serving more than 4,700 students, 500 employees and countless volunteers at five local school sites. The reduction in consumption and cost may be due to these proactive measures undertaken this year:

• Installing smart timers at the middle school. Smart timers also are currently being installed at the high school.
• Eliminating middle school quad watering due to installation of Smart Turf in the Spring of 2015.
• Reducing watering at the high school’s Tiger Patio (in preparation for site improvements started in November 2015).
• Reducing watering in front of Marengo Elementary School.
• Reducing watering of the high school football field.
• Quickly identifying and repairing stuck valves and leaks.

Starting as planned on November 23, 2015, landscape renovations to the Tiger Patio at South Pasadena High School are the most visible improvements underway on campus. Through these upgrades, the district hopes to create a pleasing environment for students within the parameters of keeping water consumption low. Eight new trees will be added to the space and will use proper drip irrigation surrounded by Smart Turf green space similar to the quad at the middle school. With the exception of new benches which are on order, the district expects the project will be complete by December 11, 2015.

Additionally, Smart Timers will be installed at each elementary school within the next six to twelve months. Until the district knows more about the effects a powerful El Niño may have on the existing drought conditions in California, additional initiatives will be undertaken to continue reducing overall water consumption while improving existing facilities.

For more information, contact: Andrea Fox, South Pasadena Unified School District,

South Pasadena Unified School District, 1020 El Centro St., South Pasadena, (626) 441-5810 or visit




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