St. Andrew School’s Scrip Fundraising Program

Scrip is a gift card or certificate that is purchased from Saint Andrew Catholic School. With Scrip fundraising, school families and St. Andrew School’s supporters are encouraged to simply do their regular weekly shopping with gift cards from America’s favorite retailers.

Each purchase earns cash rebates for St. Andrew School that quickly add up and directly benefit it. Scrip is a powerful fundraising tool, because families generate revenue through purchases they would make anyway.

Groceries, pharmacy needs, clothing, shoes, toys, gifts, even gasoline can be purchased with Scrip. An organization of 150 families can easily spend between 1 – 2 million a year on food, clothing, and other essentials. If Saint Andrew School families use Scrip for these kinds of purchases, the school can raise as much as $30,000-$60,000 each year – without spending an additional penny.

Scrip gift cards are the perfect gift. Use Scrip gift cards for birthday, Christmas, wedding, anniversary, graduation, or any special occasion gift!

The Saint Andrew School Scrip Challenge

– St. Andrew School challenges every school family to maximize their scrip purchases by becoming familiar with the hundreds of merchants and retailers that participate in the Scrip program and purchasing as much Scrip as they can, especially when making regular, everyday purchases for things like gas, groceries, drug store/pharmacy purchases, school supplies, and uniforms.

– New merchants and retailers are frequently added. Reviewing the master scrip merchant list each month will help to keep you up to date with all the scrip that is available for department and clothing stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, travel and vacation opportunities, gas stations, grocery stores, home improvement stores, and much, much, more!

– After reviewing the scrip merchant list, everyone can better determine their scrip purchasing needs for their regular shopping or gift giving needs for the next week or month.

Imagine… What if every Saint Andrew family doubled their scrip purchase?

Maximize every dollar – use scrip for regular, everyday purchases like gasoline, groceries, clothing, and pharmacy needs. Ask family and friends to buy Scrip for their everyday shopping and gift giving needs, too!

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