St. Francis School: Celebrating the Franciscan Virtues of the Year

St. Francis High School is dedicated to ensuring that the values shared by St. Francis with his brothers, steeped in the virtues taught by Jesus Christ to his disciples, are incorporated into everything we do both on and off campus. This dedication is upheld through the Office of Franciscan Spirit and Life.

The Franciscan Spirit and Life Program developed in response to the question: “What makes St. Francis High School different from other high schools in the area?” The answer to this question is unique for each child that attends this institution. It is the hope of the school that each student’s answer to this question will provide an avenue to connect him to our Founding Father, St. Francis of Assisi. We trust that, through the teachings of St. Francis, each student will come to a deeper understanding of the love of Christ Jesus.

The Franciscan Spirit and Life Program provides several ways for students to learn more about Franciscan spirituality and the lives of Francis, Clare, and their followers. In addition to religious academic courses, this program offers the students the opportunity to participate in the annual Pilgrimage to Assisi, Italy and immerses each student into the sixteen core Franciscan virtues. These virtues consist of compassion, prayer, peace and justice, simplicity, integrity, humility, joy, brotherhood, acceptance, service, generosity, peacemaking, faithfulness, hospitality, charity, and goodness.

St. Francis aims to ensure that each student learns to appreciate and exemplify each one of these virtues as part of his character development. Therefore, each quarter the Office of Franciscan Spirit and Life selects one virtue to highlight across all aspects of campus life. This academic year the school will be highlighting acceptance, service, generosity, and peacemaking. By the end of four years at St. Francis, each student will have had the opportunity to focus on and experience each one of these virtues.

Recent St. Francis graduate and Pasadena resident, Young Song, acknowledged that, “by focusing on the Franciscan virtues throughout the year, we are continually directed back to the spirit of St. Francis and the grace of Jesus Christ. It’s interesting to see how each virtue comes to life when we take time to focus on it throughout the quarter. I was blessed to be a member of the first graduating class (’12) from St. Francis that had the opportunity to reflect upon all sixteen Franciscan virtues.”

We invite the community to join us on our journey as we spend the upcoming school year concentrating on acceptance, service, generosity, and peacemaking. If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview, please call Marketing and Public Relations at (818) 790-0325 ext. 513 or e-mail

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