St. Philip the Apostle School Curriculum – Junior High: Sixth through Eighth Grade

Sixth Grade

Sixth grade is a transitional year filled with excitement as new challenges and new experiences provide students with many opportunities to develop personal responsibility, strengthen their study skills, develop time management, and build confidence in their spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth. As students initiate their first year in our Junior High program, six graders dive into curricular exploration of grammar, literature, world history, Spanish language, inquiry research, and scientific discovery. Six grade students also start the Junior High one-to-one device policy as they learn about using technology to explore and support their work habits. This year marks the beginning of our students’ growing responsibilities and capabilities in Junior High.

Seventh Grade

Seventh grade at St. Philip builds upon the skills introduced in sixth grade and increases rigor as students deepen their capacity for intellectual engagement, growing their skills with technology, research, and both oral and written communication. As students begin to be aware of their growing impact on the school community, they explore, analyze, and connect ideas across the curriculum. Students develop accountability, strengthen their social-emotional awareness of themselves and others, think critically about their faith, collaborate to accomplish goals and utilize Google classroom to help them with time management skills.

Eighth Grade

Eighth grade is an important year as it forms the capstone of students’ educational experience at St. Philip the Apostle school. As natural leaders of the student body, eighth graders set an example of what it means to balance responsibilities, share talents through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, mentor schoolmates, and celebrate the community that has contributed to their growth and development. Through the curriculum, students critically engage with fiction and nonfiction texts, explore research questions, plan and execute scientific investigations, and further develop their ability to substantiate their ideas with credible sources. As a reflection of this engagement, eighth graders complete a year-long American Studies research project that culminates in a multimedia presentation they present to peers, faculty, and staff. Eighth graders take their formative St. Philip experience with them to flourish in high school and beyond.


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