Supporting the Whole Girl at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy

Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy (FSHA) promotes the holistic health and wellness of the school community with its Health & Wellness Center and the Department of Counseling and Psychological Services.

Counseling & Psychological Services

FSHA recognize the personal and academic challenges that are common during the high school years and are here to offer additional support through individual as well as group counseling sessions for its students provided by a licensed mental health professional. Additionally, the school offer counseling information sessions for parents at various times throughout the school year, student assemblies and classroom presentations dedicated to topics relevant to students’ social and emotional health as well as clinical consultation with teachers and parents as needed.

“We brought puppies to campus to help students during the stressful week of finals!”


Making Social-Emotional Wellness A Priority

Through FSHA department, the school offer a variety of opportunities for students to focus on their mental well-being. From stress relief activities during finals week (that included puppies to pet) to its annual Mental Health Awareness Week, FSHA provide activities, speakers, assemblies, and more emphasizing the importance social-emotional wellness for all of us.

In addition, opt-in “Mindful Moments” are provided to students by grade level. These small group sessions are designed to teach students how to handle their stress and other emotional challenges through mindfulness techniques. These sessions focus on self-awareness and self-regulation to empower students with skills for facing the obstacles that come their way throughout high school and beyond.

Wellness Wednesdays

FSHA updated Learning Program for the 2020-21 school year maintains the existing structure of our daily block schedule with an added feature of “Wellness Wednesdays” to facilitate co-curricular programming and focus on the holistic experience that is central to a Flintridge Sacred Heart education.

On Wellness Wednesdays, there are no class meetings so we can facilitate the long-term goals of our club and co-curricular programming during a school day to maximize student energy and attention.

In addition, students can meet with their teachers, advisors, and our licensed therapist in an informal setting for more personalized learning during scheduled office hours on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.

Flintridge Sacred Heart have an established communication platform for digital meetings and interactions that will enhance the practicality of these gatherings alongside campus meetings and activities.

Nurse Kathy Larson, R.N., an infectious disease specialist, developed our Health and Wellness Center


Health & Wellness Center

FSHA’s new Health and Wellness Center is located in a central location on campus to follow isolation protocols and mitigate the risk of contagion. The Center is complete with an isolation room, proper ventilation, and a full bathroom to allow for containment and frequent hand washing.

In addition to the new Health and Wellness Center, our on-site school nurse responds to all COVID-19 concerns, and is trained to coordinate the documentation and tracking of possible exposure. Changing guidance from CDC and local governance will be closely monitored and policies will be updated as changes occur.

Jess Hopkins, a popular speaker and certified life coach, leads an interactive workshop during an advising assembly.


Advising Assemblies: Connecting Now and Prepping for the Future

Flintridge Sacred Heart’s Counseling and Advising departments host monthly assemblies, during which freshmen and sophomore students explore developmentally appropriate issues with the guidance of trained facilitators. Topics include creating and maintaining healthy relationships, drug/alcohol education, sleep and nutrition, setting goals, reflecting on academic performance and more. Some of the advising assemblies are designed to prepare students for the college counseling process that begins junior year.

Past Assemblies Have Included


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