Technology at St. Andrew Catholic School

St. Andrew Catholic School’s (SACS) computer labs focus is writing skills and integrating technology into the curriculum. Work done in its computer lab also help students acquire the computer skills necessary to compete, succeed, and contribute in today’s technology-driven world. SACS academic curriculum incorporates experience-based learning in computer skills, their use, and application for all students in all grades.

Students learn specific computer program skills:

MS word processing,
MS Excel,
MS Power Point,
MS Publisher, and

Students in grades 6-8 participated in a 1:1 Chromebook program. Each student has their own device that they bring to school daily. Teachers incorporate technology into lessons in a variety of ways. Teachers and students use Google Classroom to post assignments as well as shared resources. Students learn to use the variety of publishing tools available through the Google platform. Parents also have access to their child’s Google Classroom.

iPad carts are available for classroom use. Teachers use a variety of apps to support learning across the curriculum.

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