Why a Solid Educational Foundation is Important

Education is the most important asset we have. Knowledge is a type of wealth that we will never lose – the more we share it the more it increases. However, basic knowledge starts with elementary education. This strong foundation makes your dreams possible.

Today, education has been made available to all those who wish to study. You can find online courses from elementary education to all levels of degrees such as Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees and even Doctorate degrees.

Before you reach for a higher education degree, you will need to have some elementary level education in order to reach your goal. Elementary education provides a foundation for learning, discovery and creative thinking

At Sequoyah School, academic disciplines are introduced in meaningful contexts in which students are given the time for deliberate exploration, careful investigation, and playful discovery. Building on major concepts, processes and skills, teachers guide students to realize connections between ideas. Field studies, class projects, and performance ensembles are designed to draw upon individual learning styles and group collaboration while reinforcing subject-matter understanding.

The Sequoyah School is located at 535 South Pasadena Avenue, Pasadena. Call (626) 795-4351 or visit www.sequoyahschool.org for more information.



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