Why Junior High Matters

Some middle-school students hold the belief that grades don’t matter until high school. At this age, they think their social life is more important. Grades can wait. The truth is that all grades make a difference. Those students who choose to “just get by” through the middle years will find doors closing for them – doors that will make a difference on their final transcript.

This is why junior high school programs make all the difference in your student’s achievement. Pasadena Christian School has a junior high program that is designed to help the seventh and eighth grade students make a smooth transition into the rigorous academic programs of local private high schools and competitive colleges. One of the most exciting and challenging periods of a young person’s life is adolescence. This is a crucial age and, for many, a turning point in their lives. It is a time when parents, the church and the school need to work together to mold convictions, ideas and priorities that will influence young lives for eternity.

PCS has a strong junior high academic curriculum which is complimented by a wide range of electives. Journalism, computer science, beginning architecture, drama, Spanish, music composition, home economics and competitive athletics provide a well-rounded program for the students.

In addition to the rigorous academics and diverse electives, students enjoy a dedicated campus location where they are prepared for high school by rotating through five academic teachers, manage passing times, lockers, and their own Student Council. PCS students learn to be self-advocates with their academics and take ownership of their learning. They learn life skills that benefit them beyond high school and college.

If you would like more information, please contact the school office at (626) 791-1214. Pasadena Christian School is located at 1515 N. Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena.



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