Adopt a Furry Friend This Weekend During Pasadena Humane’s Free Pet Adoption Day

Published on Jun 20, 2022

A few of Pasadena Humane’s adoptable pets

Pasadena Humane will open its doors to the community on Saturday, June 25, for Pet Adoption Day, where you can adopt cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, and reptiles for free. 

“Adopters can visit the shelter and adopt with no appointment needed between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.,” Jamie Holeman, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications at Pasadena Humane, said. “Adoption counselors will help match new pet parents with animals, as well as provide support and answer questions about caring for pets.”

During the event, adoption fees will be waived for all available animals.

Rosetta Garcia with adopted dog, Louie

All dogs, cats and rabbits adopted from Pasadena Humane are spayed/neutered, microchipped and up to date on age-appropriate vaccines (dogs and cats only),” Holeman said. 

After Pet Adoption Day, new pet owners can always come back to Pasadena Humane for continuing support for their animals. 

“Our commitment to the animals continues after they are adopted,” Holeman said. “We offer a variety of post-adoption support services such as training classes, online behavior resources, a low-cost vaccine clinic, and an onsite pet supply store.”

Locals who adopted from Pasadena Humane speak highly of their service both before and after adoption.  

Among the satisfied pet owners is Rosetta Garcia, who adopted her dog, Louie, just last month. Garcia said she is particularly satisfied with the kind of support that Pasadena Humane provides after adoption. 

“We’ve never adopted at the Humane Society before; this is the first time,” Garcia said. “We’ve gotten rescues basically, but this time we went through the Humane Society and it was great. They had so much information that they provided support. They even told us that we can call the shelter if we had any questions or concerns. I didn’t know that all of that was available when you adopted a dog.” 

Stephanie Roe came to Pasadena Humane in July last year and adopted a hamster named Tofu. She’s glad her pet has a unique sleep schedule. 

“They normally sleep during the day and come out usually in the early evening, which is when I come home from work,” Roe said. “So it’s been good for my lifestyle, I suppose. When I’m at work, I don’t worry about it missing me or anything like that. Pretty much when I get home from work, that’s when she wakes up. So no real changes to my routine or anything like that.”

Before she went to Pasadena Humane, Roe said she didn’t know hamsters were available for adoption there, and thought these can only be purchased at a pet store. She was surprised many hamsters were waiting to be adopted at Pasadena Humane. 

Stephanie Roe adopting Tofu

“So many of them are bought from the pet store and maybe people don’t know how to give it proper care, or they bought it for a child who gets upset that the hamster is mainly asleep during the day, and they get returned to the shelter,” Roe said. “So I think it’s definitely a good idea for people to take a look at the county shelters and the Humane Society and consider adopting just because there’s so many hamsters that need homes.” 

Both Garcia and Roe said they’re satisfied with the adoption process and the post-adoption care, and would definitely recommend the shelter to anyone looking for pets to adopt. 

“Everyone there is very knowledgeable about dogs,” Garcia said. “They know everything about the dog and they have a lot of selections of different dogs there – from a lot of senior dogs, to small dogs, to large dogs. And right next door, they have a pet store where you can immediately go get things for your new family member.”

After Saturday’s Pet Adoption Day, another Pet Adoption Day is scheduled for Saturday, July 16. 

Aside from Free Pet Adoption Day, Pasadena Humane’s Big Dog Summer this month allows you to adopt a big dog, from 40 pounds and up, for $50 and by appointment only. 

For more information about Saturday’s Free Pet Adoption Day, visit or call (626) 792-7151

Pasadena Humane is located at 361 S. Raymond Ave. 

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