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Agnes in Pasadena Offers a Delicious and Informative “Cheese 101” Class with Head Cheesemonger Vanessa Tilaka Kalb

Published on Mar 21, 2023

If you’re a dairy lover and cheese connoisseur, you’ll want to mark your calendar for Cheese 101 on April 4, an evening class led by Vanessa Tilaka Kalb, Head Cheesemonger at the acclaimed Agnes Restaurant & Cheesery in Pasadena. This session offers an informative and appetizing opportunity to learn about cheese types and pairings, as well as selecting and storing cheese.

Agnes is a woodsy and elegantly retro dining room in the heart of Old Pasadena, devoted to all things dairy. The restaurant has a warm approach to cheddars, chevres, and many other wonderous wheels and wedges that fill the cases. The Cheese 101 class occasionally pops up at the Green Street cheesery and offers a rich introduction to the world of cheeses.

The class will include tastings of different cheese styles, milk types, and pairings, with a focus on selecting and buying cheese and storing it once you return home. In addition, you’ll have the chance to create an inventive pairing and fashion your own board playfully with cheese, crackers, nuts, and jams. A glass of celebratory bubbly is also part of the evening event.

The class costs $95 per person on Resy. 12 students in one class will give the event an intimate feel. Reserve your and discover the zingy zenith of cheese flavor this spring. For more see:

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