American Society of Interior Designers Pasadena Chapter Installs New Board

Incoming President Briceno pledges ‘Focus on shaping experiences, improving functionality, and driving innovation in interior design’
Published on Sep 20, 2023

President-Elect Marbe Briceno, who was introduced by outgoing President Goli Karimi, told the nearly 100 members and industry partners before being sworn in, “This is going to be a great year, and I promise to work hard for you.” 

ASID Pasadena, part of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), is a prominent chapter that primarily consists of residential interior designers, though it is not without members who provide commercial and hospitality design expertise. Known for its vibrant social events and unwavering professional support among its members, ASID Pasadena has established itself as a trusted resource for continuing education, student mentorship, and active community engagement.

One of the hallmark features of ASID Pasadena is its close partnership with Industry Partners. These collaborations ensure that the professional members stay up-to-date with the latest product information and receive crucial technical insights, thereby enhancing the quality of their design projects.

In an email interview with Pasadena Now earlier this week, Briceno outlined her goals for her leadership and for the chapter at large. 

As she wrote, “ASID Pasadena would like to focus on shaping experiences, improving functionality, and driving innovation in interior design, as well as empower members to provide the industry’s  best practices to boost their professional reputation.

Briceno also emphasized the importance of showcasing their membership by inspiring others through social media, highlighting their role as creators, problem solvers, and examples of the industry

ASID will also create meaningful events, said Briseno, to foster education and networking to grow the chapter and its industry connections.

Stressing the importance of supporting ASID’s design students, Briceno promised the chapter would offer free student admission to ASID events and mixers, as  well as provide internships, “Shadow Days,” and career education scholarships.

“ASID Pasadena is deeply committed to nurturing and empowering emerging interior design professionals and students within our community. We have some strategies in place to provide support and mentorship.”

“We are dedicated to helping independent interior designers to overcome their unique challenges,” Briceno added. “To achieve this, we’ll first listen to our community to understand their specific needs. Then, we will work together to create support strategies, which may include mentorship, networking, and education. Our goal is to empower independent designers and foster their success in our vibrant design community.”

Briceno also pointed out that ASID Pasadena has a strong lineup of events and workshops for our members this year, including .design workshops, networking and educational mixers, design tours, community service projects, along with the Annual Christmas Party and Awards event.

Finally, Briceno explained that the Pasadena ASID incoming Board is “really passionate about supporting our interior design profession at every level,  by engaging with policymakers, influencing our profession, educating decision-makers, collaborating with like-minded groups, presenting facts, and running public awareness campaigns about our profession. 

“We are dedicated to ensuring a favorable business environment for ASID members,” said Briceno.

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) is a national organization dedicated to advancing the interior design profession and highlighting the profound impact of design on the human experience. ASID collaborates with various stakeholders to champion the value of interior design, equips its members to thrive in a constantly evolving field, and fosters the creation and dissemination of practical knowledge within the industry.

For more about ASID Pasadena, click here.

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