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Annual Shepherds’ Play at Rudolf Steiner Community Center Spreads Christmas Cheer

Published on Dec 4, 2023

The magic of the holiday season will come alive on Dec. 17 as the Rudolf Steiner Community Center hosts the annual Shepherds’ Play, a heartwarming Christmas event that transcends generations. 

Located at 110 Martin Alley in Pasadena, the performance promises a delightful blend of the Nativity story’s beauty, simple shepherds’ humor, and lively song.

Originally performed in the 17th century, the Shepherds’ Play has been revived for modern audiences, becoming a cherished tradition that delights persons of all ages. The event is not just a performance; it’s also an experience that imparts renewed hope and treasured peace during the holiday season.

The Rudolf Steiner Community Center is the home of the Anthroposophical Society in America Los Angeles Branch. With its roots in the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, the Society embraces a holistic approach to education and community life, emphasizing creativity, spirituality, and the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit.

“This year we are greatly thankful for the gift from Gail McManus and her stalwart cast, with help from Corby Gallegos, directing, and Andrew Dzedulionis, lighting, bringing us the Shepherds’ Play that it may ring out with the Good News of Christmas in our Rudolf Steiner Community Center,” Dottie Zold, Program Chair for this year’s Shepherds’ Play, said. 

Zold said the play is suitable for adults and children aged four and older. 

The program emphasizes the significance of the Shepherds’ Play as a joyful expression of Christmas, complemented by the unique decorations adorning the center’s tree. Traditionally adorned with swirling planets, roses, and seven deeply meaningful “symbols” as given by Rudolf Steiner, the tree symbolizes the center’s commitment to the spiritual and cultural principles it upholds.

Admission is open to all, with donations accepted at the door. 

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