ArtCenter Student’s film “AI-pocalypse” Garnering Accolades

Published on Apr 14, 2020

Audiences continue to rave over the new science fiction short film “AI-pocalypse”, a mind blowing journey from Lin Sun, a film student at Pasadena’s Art College Center of Design.

The film continues to garner accolades weeks after “Dust” a new sci-fi brand released the film on YouTube.

“Bring on the future! This is the kind of ambitious sci-fi vision I love encountering,”’s Alex Billington wrote.

In the film, Jiao Xu stars in the role of Sonia with John Henry Richardson and Arthur Roberts co-starring.

AI-pocalypse centers around an artificial intelligence or “AI” being that is self aware and takes it upon itself to travel into the 4th dimension in an effort to make changes to ensure the future of humanity.

The film was the result of a 2018 collaboration between Lin and Xu Jiao.

The same year that the American Directors Guild Award awarded the film the Best Asian-American Jury Award during its student festival. The movie also won Best Sci-Fi awards from both the Independent Film Awards and the Los Angeles Film Awards.

The film has been officially chosen for several film festivals including the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, Chicago International Type Film Festival, North Loughwood Film Festival, Jelly Film Festival and Fargo Science Fiction Film Festival.

Lin’s work has been nominated and won awards for Best Film, Best Director, Best Editing and Best Photography at a variety of film festivals.

“The visuals in this are impressive for something made on a small scale,” Billington said. “If this is only the first film Lin Sun has made, then I cannot wait to see what else he makes.”

Lin Sun worked alongside “Rush Hour” screenwriter Ross LaManna, director Bobby Roth and Oscar nominated director Matia Karrell.

Jackie Chan has been Lin’s inspiration since he was 7 years old and led directly to him becoming involved in film.

He shot his first film at the age of 15 serving not only as its screenwriter, but as actor, director and editor. His experience in putting together his first project sealed his ambition to become a director.

Lin enrolled at the ArtCenter in 2015 to chase his dream of becoming a film director. Lin’s short films enabled him to earn scholarships from the
ArtCenter Film Department and Huace Film and Television Corporation, a large Chinese film production company.

In 2018 Lin directed and wrote an advertisement for Los Angeles based CJ Auto featuring the Lamborghini LP-700.

In 2019, he traveled to San Francisco with screenwriter Ross La mana and Bobby Ross to work with Samsung’s Korean Product Design Team and European Management Team. While there Lin wrote and created storyboards to help Samsung to promote its next-generation products.

Since 2014 Lin has directed almost a dozen short films and commercials. He has won a myriad of international film festival awards, and has extensive experience in filming and commercial negotiation.

Lin believes that film is a bridge linking national cultures and is eager to make his own contributions to the world of film through his unique fusion of traditional Chinese elements and American storytelling.

For more about Lin Sun, visit his website,

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