Bringing the Gamez Home

New mobile video game service might be the latest greatest thing for your party
By EDDIE RIVERA, Weekendr Editor
Published on Sep 27, 2021

There’s a new game rolling into town. Lots of games, actually.

Gamerz  Only, a new Pasadena business, is a mobile video game truck, the nature of which is exactly as the name implies. Your kids and their friends can hop aboard and avail themselves of a host of video games doing battle with each other, or players around the world.

It’s the same games your kids are playing at home, but this might be a new way to tempt them to get out of the house and play, even if it’s for more video games. It’s unique new entertainment that fits right into house parties and special events. Gamerz Only brings the truck to a party or event, the kids pile in, the adults do their grown-up thing, and the party is on.

The truck features most of the latest and popular games, says owner and Pasadena native Chenier “C.J.” Johnson.

As Johnson explained in a recent interview, “Right now, we have five TVs. I have four TVs inside the trailer, one TV outside the trailer, and we carry PlayStation XBox and Nintendo switch. We have the Fortnites and the Minecrafts, Roblox, Call of Duty, and all the sports games.”

Sounds like heaven for your basic middle school game freak.

Johnson happened upon the opportunity when a friend of his also started a video game truck business, and was doing well.

“I was working for the state of California at the time,” Johnson recalled, “and they were selling our building and moving us to Anaheim. And from Pasadena to Anaheim, is a long way to drive.”

As Johnson continued, “And, I looked up and I’d been at that job for 10 years. And it wasn’t something I was interested in doing long-term. I always wanted to start my own business. And when they sold our building and said we’re moving, that was my push out the door.”

Inspired by his friend’s success, Johnson and his wife invested in the van and the necessary equipment, and have been in the game ever since, quite successfully, he adds.

“My business is going really well,” he said. “Eventually we want to expand into multiple trucks to just continue to grow the business.”

As Johnson pointed out, buying and opening a brick-and-mortar business  can be difficult, but the market for video games and kids’ birthday parties isn’t going anywhere.

“If I can bring the video games to you and come to your location,” he said, “it’s a win-win. The kids get out of the house, but they’re still doing what they want to do.”

More information on Gamerz Only is available HERE. (562) 882-7922.

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