California Art Club Hosts the Exhibition ‘Mars: An Artistic Mission’

Published on Apr 12, 2021

As the Mars helicopter Ingenuity prepares for its maiden flight – the first powered and fully controlled atmospheric flight on any planet beyond Earth – the California Art Club in Pasadena continues its artistic exploration of the Red Planet.

The exhibition “Mars: An Artistic Mission,” which opened on Feb. 18 and continues until May 31, celebrates the landing of the Mars Perseverance rover and honors the marriage of art and science. It features several works created by California Art Club members such as Julie Bell, James Gurney, William Stout, Boris Vallejo, Jeff Remmer, Rita Pacheco, and many others.

“Art and science have been intertwined since the dawn of civilization,” says a statement on the California Art Club website. “Science, and in particular space exploration, has allowed us to transcend our bodily limitations on Earth, magnifying our creativity in the process, as we are propelled into the cosmos. As you venture through these virtual galleries, you will find dazzling Mars-scapes, snapshots of rovers in operation, and ethereal portraits of life beyond our Earthly barrier.”

Artworks in the exhibition are grouped into several themes: Mars, Aliens & Astronauts; Fiction & Fantasy; Exploration; Mars-Scapes; and Celestial Bodies. You can view samples on the exhibition page, by simply clicking the appropriate theme.

In line with the exhibition, the California Art Club has also launched a Student Art Contest, which is intended to encourage youth and teens, from pre-kindergarten to high school, to use traditional art techniques to create new artwork showcasing Mars.

The application period for this contest ended Monday. A selection of the works, to be determined by a panel of California Art Club jurors, will be unveiled in a special exhibition on the Club website on April 16.

The California Art Club is located at 65 S. Grand Ave. in Pasadena, with chapters located all across the state.

For more information, visit or call (626) 583-9009.

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