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‘Cats of Festivus’ Event to Feature Scratching Post Festivus Pole and the Meowing of Grievances

Pasadena-based Cat Cafe Tail Town to host
Published on Dec 21, 2022


The Tail Town Cats of Festivus this December 23 at 1:30 p.m. is a voting competition that lets fans vote for their favorite adoptable cats.

The event, aimed to raise awareness about animal adoption and to find forever homes for the cats, will spotlight six adorable cats named Lorraine, Olive, Arcadia, Tortellini, Anthony, and Peppy, as they climb the Festivus pole – a big scratching post.

The “airing of grievances,” long a central part of any Festivus celebration, will involve some meowing.

Gwendolyn Mathers, volunteer for Tail Town’s Cats of Festivus said the airing one’s grievances, applies perfectly and humorously to cats “because we think of them as sometimes being very particular or very forthright or very cranky about some of their feelings.”

There would be feats of strength and some exciting play time at the upcoming event, said Mathers. “All the cats will get treats and just like a little bit of a party, really.”

Tail Town will crown the Cat of Festivus on Friday, according to Mathers.

To vote for your favorite Festivus cat, visit: Viewers at home can watch live at @tailtown.cats on Instagram or attend in person for a $20 donation.

Mathers said funds that will be raised will be used to maintain the cat cafe, buy cat food and other cat supplies.

Mathers said the holiday season is a fantastic time to bring home new cats because most people are at home.

“It’s really a great time to introduce a new kitty and get them acclimated before we get back into the nine to five of the new year.”

Tail Town is a cat cafe located at1780 E Washington Blvd. It helps Kitten Rescue of Los Angeles try and find forever homes for cats and kittens that have been saved from euthanasia in high kill shelters and that have been abandoned in the streets.

Since it opened in summer last year, it has made over 200 adoptions.

Tail Town boasts an interactive open space where cat lovers can meet 30 adoptable cats. Visitors can adopt, bring a cat into their home, or just hang out and play with the kitties and have a good time during their stay.

Tail Town is open from Friday through Sunday. For more information visit:

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