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Celebrate Pi Day with NASA

From NASA/JPL-Caltech
Published on Mar 2, 2020

NASA is joining schools, students and science centers across the U.S. as they celebrate one of the most well known and beloved numbers: 3.14, or pi. Used throughout the STEM world – especially for space exploration – pi is the number that results from dividing the circumference of any circle by its diameter. Pi can be and often is rounded to 3.14 even though its decimals never end, which is why the date 3/14 has been designated National Pi Day.

Looking for educational resources and activities to add to your Pi Day celebration? Check out these free offerings from the Education Office at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory:

NASA Pi Day Challenge

Each year, the JPL Education Office creates an illustrated Pi Day math challenge that features real-world problems NASA scientists and engineers solve to explore Earth and space. The 2020 challenge will be available as both a standards-aligned lesson for the classroom and as an activity students can do on their own. Answers will be released Monday, March 16. Explore our collection of lessons and problems from previous years’ challenges at the links below, and check back on March 6 to participate in the 2020 NASA Pi Day Challenge!

The 2020 challenge goes online Friday, March 6!

› For Educators: NASA Pi Day Challenge Lesson Collection

› For Students: NASA Pi Day Challenge Slideshow

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