Cheeseburger Week Moves Down the Alley to Destination Spot Edwin Mills

As we arrived a jazz trio was setting up for the evening, to entertain the outdoor diners.
By EDDIE RIVERA, Weekendr Editor
Published on Jan 27, 2022

Old Pasadena destination spot Edwin Mills is hip,  comfortable and eclectic, with a soundtrack as diverse as the menu. You can get Cab Calloway, Dino, Frank,  or Buddy Holly, with your burger.

Their “Old Time Cheeseburger” is decidedly more Holly than Calloway, however.

It’s beef or turkey, char-grilled with grilled onions (which we skipped),  a thick tomato slice and romaine lettuce, topped with cheddar cheese and Edwin Mill’s own ‘secret sauce.’ It comes with a pile of house-made french fries , sprinkled with a little seasoning and garnish, with the skins still on.

It’s traditional and perennial.

“That’s my favorite item here,” said server Vanessa Gonzales. “I love the grilled onions. It’s like a gourmet In-N-Out Burger to me! The patties are made fresh, but they are so good. Oh, and the sauce — that’s homemade.”

There might be some bias in her judging. But we found it hard to doubt her enthusiasm and sincerity. (And she likes her burgers done medium well, and she likes her fries crispy.)

And that’s how our dinner arrived—medium well with hot crispy fries.

Edwin Mills offers atmosphere and a diverse food and drink menu. But today we are vouching for the Old Time Cheeseburger, which was flavorful and filling—all that you want in your cheeseburger.

We might just have a new happy place.

Cheeseburger Week runs through  Friday, January 28,  as Pasadena honors Lionel Sternberger’s mad skills after accidentally burning a burger patty and quickly decorating his error with a slice of cheese, thus creating the first documented cheeseburger,  at the Rite Spot in Pasadena in 1924.

And,  if you’re in a voting mood,  you can take the Cheeseburger Challenge right here.

Edwin Mills is at 22 Mills Place, Pasadena, CA . (626) 564-8656.

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