Cool Mom Gizmos for Her Excellent Day, Isolated or Not

You can’t give a hug, but you can give a really cool gift
By CYNTHIA YANG, Weekendr Staff Writer
Published on Apr 25, 2020

Suffice it to say that this Mother’s Day is gonna be “unique.” Maybe you’ll Zoom Mom, or maybe you’ll stand out front in her yard and sing her favorite tune. But you won’t arrive empty-handed.

As M Day approaches, here’s a rapidly growing list of cool gizmotic-type items that any Mom, cool or complicated, would totally appreciate.

  •  The SOI Smart Handbag Light + Charger

How many black things does Mom own that she drops into her black handbag? Is it any wonder it takes forever to find anything? So, how about a little gizmo that lights up as soon as she puts her hand inside her bag?

That’s what the SOI Smart Handbag Light + Charger does. No more blindly rummaging through your purse or backpack to find keys, wallet, or a pen. This clever little light turns on when it senses your hand, and with the integrated, rechargeable battery, smartphones and other electronic devices can be easily recharged on the go.

Made from Polycarbonate, PCB with LED and a controller, its got a charging cord with micro-USB and lightning ends, with special sensors that know when your hand is close by.  Then it automatically switches off, saving battery life

It’s rechargeable and its Standard USB output can charge any model phone with its integrated 2000 mAh battery. Check it out right here.

Here’s an Apple Watch portable charger that gives Mom on-the-go power ( like she doesn’t have that already),  and is the only travel solution that lets you use your watch in Nightstand mode, too. This cool little whizbang combines an induction charging pad with a built-in lightning cable and a USB port to charge three devices all at the same time.

Go somewhere. Charge things. Happy Mother’s Day from the  Time Traveler.

Peep it here.

  • Your Face on Mom’s PJs!

Picture this: There’s a little 3.0 jolt centered somewhere in Moreno Valley. Nobody hurt, nothing broken, just a little wake-up nudge. Mom gets out of bed, goes to make coffee, and what in the world is she wearing?

She’s wearing jammies covered in photos of you, love bug!

Photo Pajamas makes custom-designed pajamas out of your favorite photos. It’s hugely embarrassing and it’s brilliant. And it’s totally up to Mom where and when she wears them. If a TV new crew shows up that morning to ask for her reaction, the whole uncivilized world will see your mug on her PJs.  The slinky polyester fabric is breathable and soft and lightweight.

And the whole affair is machine washable for plenty of coffee mornings, with or without earthquakes or news crews.

You can order them here, before she does.

  • Keep the Hummingbirds Hanging Around

A hummingbird swing gives the tiny birds a perfectly-sized place to perch, Pops Birding Company has now created its own hummingbird swing. How happy would that make your mom?

You can hang it close to a feeder and near your window to watch hummingbirds beat their wings like crazy as they leave their perch high in the trees to feed. Hummingbirds will use that swing to hang out near their food source. Kinda like you.

The smart and lightweight design hangs by a single hook. How’s that for a hookup? You can hook Mom up right here.

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