Dishwasher Tips to Make Life Even Easier

Published on May 22, 2018

Dishwashers are surely one of the greatest inventions known to man. But sometimes, they can be a little awkward to work with. How many times have you opened yours up to find water everywhere? Or struggled to fit everything in despite there being more than enough room?

Believe it or not, professional organizing tips for dishwashers do exist. Thanks to Get Organized Already, you’ll never have to experience dishwasher-related stress ever again.

First, you need to think about what you’re doing with the dishes. Are they going to be sitting in the dishwasher all day before actually being washed? Or are you going to switch it on straight away? If it’s the latter, simply scrape the food off and shove everything right in. If the former, it’s best to pre-rinse dishes according to Nonnahs Driskill, Founder of Get Organized already. She also tells us, “I don’t know about you, but I’m so happy if other people put their dishes in the dishwasher themself. I don’t care where or HOW they put the dishes in there. I’d rather have the help than have it done my way.”

Nonnahs also let’s us know that plastics can be a nightmare in a dishwasher. You need to ensure that all plastic items are secured to avoid them tipping over and filling up with water or worse, falling onto the heating element and partially melting.

When it comes to the bottom rack, you need to think strategically. Face everything towards the water spray for maximum cleaning. Put any flat pans at the back to prevent them from blocking the detergent from reaching the other dishes Nonnahs tells us, and watch your cutlery too. Put some handles up and others down so that all parts get a thorough washing.

You may be wondering how much water your dishwasher uses. Quite a lot, actually. Experts recommend using your dishwasher on the lowest setting. It’ll make dishes just as clean while using only half of the water, saving you money on your water bills.

Nonnahs tells us to make sure the detergent is actually working. It needs to be fresh to do the job, otherwise, you run the risk of opening your dishwasher to find a lot of gunk. Only buy what you can use in the space of two months, and store any detergent in a cool and dry area before use.

So, there you have it. With these easy steps, you can make your dishwasher work as efficiently as it should. All it takes is a little will, and a little want, to Get Organized Already.

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