Dog Haus Feeds the Game

Local eatery offers mega-packs of burgers and sliders for that big game thing
By CYNTHIA YANG, Weekendr Staff Writer
Published on Jan 24, 2021

We’ve clearly established that you mostly watch the Trademarked Game That Shall Not be Officially Referred to by Name, for the food and the possibility that you might win the numbers pool. 

We can’t help you with the second part, but we do understand your favorite hot dog spot has a deal on for the afore-not-mentioned game.

 Dog Haus has a variety of offers on sliders and wings.  Stand around close by, and you might even be able to watch the game on Sunday, Feb. 7 there, as they hold an  All-Day Happy Hour. 

Bring friends to stand nearby , not not too nearby, with you, as Dog Haus presents its new wing and slider party packs.

There’s a 30 (!)-pack of wings available in three flavors: Haus Wings, Haus BBQ & Chipotle Honey Wings.⁠ There are also 24-packs of those little baby burgers called “Sliders” that come in three varieties: Pastrami, Cheeseburger & Impossible.

Eat. Hope your team wins. Repeat next year.

There are two Dog Haus locations—the BierGarten at 93 E Green St, Pasadena, and 105 North Hill Avenue, Pasadena.,,,,,,,

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