Family Roofing Company in Pasadena Fights Climate Change by Installing Green Roofs

Published on Nov 21, 2022

A local roofing company is determined to make a difference in the fight against the effects of climate change.

Two-year-old Green Ladder Roofing was built around the ideology of helping mitigate California climate change by installing enough green roofs to reduce local air temperatures, which could improve air quality and slow smog formation.

“What I really think stands out for us is that we’re pushing to help turn the roofing industry into a greener and more sustainable industry,” said owner David Reyes. “California has a law where a lot of the roofs have to be Title 24 compliant, meaning that they want the roofs to be both environmentally friendly recyclable materials, and also help lower greenhouse gas emissions. And we’re doing all that to help.” 

Owner Reyes, born and raised in Pasadena, learned everything he knows about roofing from his father. 

“My father, he taught me everything I know. I had to work my way through college and a little bit of high school. Roofing was the way to make money for me and to help my family out.” 

“I started at a very young age to do roofing and didn’t realize it, but when I graduated college, roofing had given me more opportunities. I decided to join the industry again after college. Our doors opened officially two years ago.” 

With professional experience spanning about 10 years, Reyes established Green Ladder so he could give his father a company he could work on after his retirement, at his own pace.

“I’m just really proud to be able to share something with him and call ours and plan to continue to grow side by side,” David remarked. “I owe everything to my dad.”

“What makes us unique is that it’s a combination of really old ways of roofing, good teachings and lessons and experiences from myself and my father and the people before him,” Reyes said when asked what sets Green Ladder apart from other roofing contractors in Pasadena. 

The company offers emergency repairs, permanent repairs, reroofs,  inspections and maintenance, according to Reyes. The roofer works on homes as well as commercial buildings. 

Included among its notable projects is the reroofing of the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in Los Angeles. 

Reyes said he hopes to work more with residents of Pasadena not only because he considers the city his home, but also because in doing so, he will be able to honor the late Councilmember John Kennedy, whom he considered his mentor. 

“I worked with him for over five years of volunteer work,” said David. “I want to continue to do work in Pasadena, kind of as a service to him. He’s really a big role model in my heart and in my life.” 

“I’m just excited to do any project here in Pasadena and be part of the community,” he added. 

For more information regarding Green Ladder’s services and to get answers to roofing questions you may have, visit or call David Reyes at 626-251-7783.

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