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Local business offers water pickup and delivery services
By EDDIE RIVERA, Weekendr Editor
Published on Oct 19, 2021

It goes without saying that the long and difficult pandemic, which, at least in Pasadena, seems to be on the wane, created a host of challenges and opportunities for local businesses. While some faltered and vanished, many were born and thrived.

In the case of Edgar Nava—owner of Water Boy Services, a drinking water refill facility with a water delivery service—it was a case of finding the perfect fit for a stay at home family, and filling a community need.

Edgar Nava courtesy photo

As Nava explained recently, “”I wanted to open a business that would benefit the community and my family. I wanted my mother to stop working in the fast food industry, and I wanted to create a safe clean space for us to work together, where I’ll be close to my family. Why not have the people I trust the most
work for my business and help me grow?

Nava continued, “I also wanted to help the community, elderly people, women and single mothers that have it a lil harder so I offer delivery service for purified and alkaline water to their doorstep. This business is a way I can give back to my family, friends and community.”

As Nava explains further, “It’s me and my family who are running the business and we’re from Pasadena. We’ve been living here for over 25 years. We love our neighborhood, we care for the neighborhood. We are always trying to get involved more with the community.”

As the name suggests, Nava’s business is all about providing water. Customers can visit his storefront address, and fill up their own water containers, or sign up for a water delivery service.

‘The water delivery,” Nava explained, “is for anybody, for homes, for commercial or for businesses. Anybody can sign up. We cover all of Pasadena and the surrounding areas, within a 10 mile distance from our location.

The company offers weekly, biweekly or monthly deliveries.

And while most customers are using Nava’s purified water products for drinking and cooking, there are also overlooked water-related products that he provides.

“We sell car detailing products,” he explained. “We sell water, the sparkly water that the mobile auto detailers use. And we sell car washing supplies, and the car detailing supplies like soaps, waxes, towels and foam guns.”

But back to the water. Nava also offers purified alkaline water. The four-month-old company’s systems feature brand-new machines.

“Everything’s brand new and top of the line,” said Nava.

And the service is as simple as the product that Nava sells.

As he explained recently, “Our water delivery service has no contracts. We don’t have any contracts, they’re just agreements, so people can terminate or change the order at any time.”

Don’t feel like lugging the water to our car? Nava’s got a guy for that.

There is also a referral service, of course. Sign up and recommend a friend and you both a discount on the next delivery.

It all seems as clear as water from here.

More information on Water Boy Services is available here.


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