Forty-Three Weeks is a Long Time: Show Your Car Some Love

Local Volvo shop offers safe, socially distanced repairs and maintenance
By CYNTHIA YANG, Weekendr Staff Writer
Published on Jan 11, 2021

This week will mark nearly 43 weeks of isolation brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic. That’s a long time for your car to sit idle. Maybe it’s covered up, and maybe it isn’t, or maybe you’ve neglected that small repair you were going to get to back in March of 2020 (!)

Perhaps you’ve just thought about making sure that when you’re ready to fire it up again and head out on the 210 for the desert, that the car fires up again so you can head out on the 210 for the desert.

Show your wheels some love. Get it fixed up and go out together.

Mike Kefalas of JK Volvo would agree with you. Months of sitting untouched in a garage or on the street might create problems. Hoses can dry and rot and even rodents or pests can nest in the machinery. Better to be safe than sorry, he says.

As Kefalas told Pasadena Now, “We just want to let people know that if their vehicle needs service, or any other vehicle needs service, we are practicing safe distancing and social distancing. We’ll be more than happy to pick up your vehicle and deliver it to you when it’s finished.

JK Volvo will disinfect the vehicle with special chemicals and disinfectants that are specifically designed for your vehicle make and model.

As Mike said recently, “I know we’re going through a very difficult time and I know you guys don’t want to leave the home, but if your vehicle needs help and love, we’re here to help.”

The shop is also offering discounts on work, along with pickup and delivery on service calls.


JK Volvo Specialists is at 1587 E Walnut St, Pasadena, CA. (626) 792-2240.


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