GameDay Men’s Health Opens Innovative Clinic in Pasadena, Tailored to Enhance Men’s Well-being and Vitality

Rusty and Zaki Mahmood have introduced a new men's health clinic in Pasadena, focusing on treatments that significantly enhance men's health, such as testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), erectile dysfunction (ED) therapies, and comprehensive weight management solutions.
Published on Jun 19, 2024

At the core of GameDay Men’s Health is a commitment to a patient-first philosophy, providing in-depth support and a variety of treatments to combat prevalent issues like low testosterone levels, erectile dysfunction, and weight concerns—factors that often degrade men’s quality of life. “Our mission at GameDay Men’s Health is to profoundly improve men’s health and optimize their vitality,” Rusty Mahmood stated.

The new clinic offers an array of services focusing on four primary areas: hormonal replacement therapy, erectile dysfunction solutions, medical weight loss programs, and peptides/vitamin therapies. Zaki Mahmood emphasized the tailored approach of their treatments, saying, “We craft each treatment plan to specifically fit the patient’s unique health needs, symptoms, and goals to ensure optimal results.”

GameDay provides several options for bioidentical testosterone replacement including injections, pellets, and oral applications. “TRT is designed to boost mood, focus, energy, and libido. It’s common for our patients to experience significant fat loss and muscle gain,” Rusty elaborated.

For erectile dysfunction, the clinic utilizes innovative treatments such as low-intensity focused shockwave therapy, a gentle, non-surgical method that uses sound waves to enhance blood flow, along with the P-shot, and various injections or conventional medications like Cialis. Zaki noted, “ED affects a significant portion of men as they age. Our clinic is committed to destigmatizing these conditions, ensuring men can regain their confidence and quality of life.”

Additionally, the clinic provides advanced weight loss treatments using injections like Semaglutide and Tirzepatide. Inspired by their personal battles with aging and its effects, the Mahmood brothers are driven by a passion to help other men overcome similar challenges. “Too often, men resign themselves to the symptoms of aging,” Rusty shared. “Here at GameDay Pasadena, we offer tangible solutions that empower men to reclaim their youthfulness and vigor.”

Despite being operational for just a few weeks, the clinic has already garnered acclaim for its expert and compassionate care. “The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive,” a recent patient review highlighted the knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Choosing Pasadena for its accessibility and esteemed healthcare reputation, Rusty added, “Pasadena is not only our home but also a community we’re dedicated to enriching. We’re excited to be a part of this vibrant city and are here to make a lasting impact.”

The Mahmood brothers are also engaging with the local community through event sponsorships and partnerships with local organizations.

Located at 960 E Green Street, Suite 207, in the Thatcher Medical Building, GameDay Men’s Health welcomes men to discover how their innovative therapies can rejuvenate their health and spirit. For more information, call or text us at 323-405-9733 or visit

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