Hollywood Piano’s Pasadena Store Extends Black Friday Sale Through Sunday

Published on Nov 22, 2022

Hollywood Piano, which has a 7,000 square-foot store in Pasadena, is offering special discounts on all pianos in their inventory on Saturday and Sunday extending their Black Friday specials with one-year payment plans at zero interest.

Everyone who purchases a piano that day also gets a free Bluetooth speaker, says Hollywood Piano owner Glenn Treibitz. The sale is on through Cyber Monday, Nov. 28, he said.

“There’ll be acoustic pianos, digital pianos, upright pianos, grand pianos. So everything in our inventory will be on special sale for the Black Friday weekend,” Treibitz said. “The two biggest things we’re offering is the Bluetooth speaker and the one-year zero percent interest. And we always have the guaranteed lowest prices. We guarantee our price to be the lowest you can find anywhere in the country for one year. During Black Friday, those guaranteed low prices are even a bit lower.”

Treibitz added the Roland Corporation, another piano manufacturer, has also rolled out “some pretty spectacular pricing” on their grand pianos.

“Their special Black Friday pricing is the lowest price ever on their baby grand pianos,” he said. “And that’s strictly directly through the factory.”

Hollywood Piano, which Russian immigrant Abe Tishkof started in Los Angeles in 1927, has been part of the Hollywood scene since the time the era of silent films ended and music, aside from “talkies,” started becoming a permanent part of the movies. Tishkof was in the construction business and had a client who couldn’t afford to pay for work on a building that Tishhkof built for him. The client said he had 300 pianos he could offer in lieu of payment, and with no other choice, Tishkof took all of the pianos.

Tishkof at first didn’t know what to do with the pianos that he kept everywhere on his property, in his house and his office. One day, a neighbor asked him if she could “borrow” one of his pianos so their children could take lessons. Tishkof let her have it for $2 per month. Word soon spread about Tishkof’s pianos for rent, and soon a Hollywood institution was born.

Soon, the original landmark Highland location became a magnet for the biggest stars of Hollywood: Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Vic Damone were regular customers, often hanging out at the shop to the delight of neighbors and passersby. It was no surprise then that some of the most famous pianos in movie history were either sold or rented from Hollywood Piano. When the age of television started, Hollywood Piano was supplying some of the biggest names in the business.

Glenn Treibitz started in the piano business in 1981. His family became only the second family to control Hollywood Piano.

Treibitz says he’s proud that Hollywood Piano remains to be the only California piano company that has been selected as one of the top 100 members of the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) that the organization recognizes every year, out of about 10,000 members. Hollywood Piano has been chosen eight times, he said.

The Pasadena store, Hollywood Piano’s factory outlet and clearance center at 2084 E. Foothill Blvd., opened in 2009. The store features a wide selection of pianos in all price points and includes the company’s collection of high-end American and European pianos.

To learn more about Hollywood Piano, visit www.hollywoodpiano.com.

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