How Soon Can I Get Divorced? Here’s What You Need to Know

Published on Jun 20, 2019

If you and your partner come to the conclusion that you want a divorce, your first question will probably be: when? While most people want to separate as quickly as possible, this may not always be possible.

Attorney Donald P. Schweitzer has helpfully laid out all of the reasons why some divorces take longer than others in this bite-sized video:

Donald explains that in California, the soonest a couple can get divorced is six months after the respondent is served with the summons and petition. This is due to the state’s statutory cooling off period.

Waiting at least six months may be a pain but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have all of the paperwork ready for the date. Couples who aren’t arguing can easily sort all of the documentation in this six-month period.

However, if things are being contested, Donald says that couples should expect to wait for at least a year before being granted a divorce.

“A delay in the proceedings is sometimes caused when one of the parties is acting unreasonable,” he says, reminding people that behaving appropriately will equal a much quicker divorce time as well as serious financial savings.

Some divorce cases are more complex than others, causing even more of a delay. Situations like this include when there is a child involved or when one person has complex financial issues.

Donald has one tip for those looking to speed up the divorce process: “Know when to stop pursuing certain issues.” Instead of wasting more time and money pursuing something that could just be “mere speculation”, focus your attention on what really matters.

It’s clear that divorces can take a while. If it looks like you will going through a divorce and need more information or help with the proceedings, contact Attorney Donald P. Schweitzer for an appointment. He will be able to explain the ins and outs of your particular case, and represent your interests with the utmost professionalism that is the hallmark of his practice.

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