Kauffman Wealth Management Launches KWM @Home Series

Company labels program ‘social and intellectual relief’ in response to pandemic isolation
Published on Apr 22, 2020

There is a Zoom meeting and there is a gathering with friends, and Kauffman Wealth Management “KWM” is eager to show its clients the difference.

The company has launched its KWM @Home series to provide “friends,” clients and interested members of the community, “great social and intellectual engagement opportunities during our isolated time.”

KWM will present the Zoom-hosted online events on a recurring basis, said Kenneth Sanchez, KWM managing partner.

“It’s really a digital gathering experience for friends that keeps us both intellectually and socially engaged,” Sanchez told Pasadena Now Wednesday. “I know that there are lots of resources out there.

“But what I think sometimes the disconnect is that it’s not the same if most of us as individuals or maybe with one other person in our household, go online and cruise a few things or watch a few things or listen to some things,” he added.

“That’s not the same as if you’re getting together with a large group of people that you know, and that you’re used to seeing and have been used to seeing over the years.”

The series launched to friends on Wednesday, April 8th with Dr. John Mulchaey, division director at the Carnegie Observatories.

“This was so fascinating,” said Sanchez. “He’s a special type of physicist. I mean, there’s certainly TV personalities out there that are very good at communicating scientific information, but most people in that field don’t have that gift.”

According to Sanchez, friends and clients were still praising the event days later.

The continuing series of events will range from a sommelier exploring the beauty of fine wines, accomplished orchestral musicians performing live collections, a renowned chef demonstrating cooking techniques, a virtual journey to experience the wildlife of Africa, a yoga instructor sharing techniques to feed the mind and body, and many other life experiences.

As the company noted in a press release, the series is “a natural extension of the company’s core values of striving to ensure that their clients achieve their financial priorities and enjoy a ‘life well lived.’”

More information on Kauffman Wealth Management “KWM” is available at https://kauffmanwm.com/. For further information about upcoming events, readers may contact Colleen Toumayan at Colleen.Toumayan@wfafinet.com.

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