Keeping Things Civil

Pasadena Family Law Attorney knows the value of working well together, even in difficult cases
By EDDIE RIVERA, Weekendr Editor
Published on Apr 25, 2022

As far as attorney Casey Marticorena is concerned, a successful law practice is all about professionalism and civility.

Marticorena, a partner in the Pasadena offices of Donald Schweitzer, was recently named one of the “Top Family Lawyers of 2022” by the Los Angeles Daily Journal, a legal industry trade publication, one of many honors she has earned in her career.

As she explained in a recent interview, “Civility in the practice of law goes a long way, not only, for one’s self, and building relationships with the other members of the local bar association, or just among colleagues in general. It goes a long way with respect to building relationships with your colleagues who one day may be your opposing counsel.”

That leads to the second point, she said, which is that civility can truly help resolve a troublesome case, when it exists among those working on the case.

Marticorena, a certified family law specialist, handles a wide range of family law matters, including the division of property, division of business interests, child custody, visitation, child support, child custody evaluations, spousal support, dissolution of marriage, legal separation, domestic violence, and civil harassment restraining orders.

She is also a former member of the Executive Board of Directors of the Pasadena Bar Association; a member of the Mentor Program, Pasadena Bar Association, and a Member of the American Bar Association.

She earned her law degree from Southwestern University Law School, but chose the practice of law after receiving an undergraduate degree in behavioral psychology,
“I was at a crossroads,” she said, “of continuing on the path of psychology, but I chose the other path, which was law.”

For her, the decision has paid off handsomely, as she explained, “I think working in family law certainly requires people skills, emotional intelligence and also an understanding of psychology. So it’s been beneficial for me, certainly in this particular area of law where we are dealing with family dynamics and clients who are going through a particularly difficult emotional time.”

Along with the importance of civility, Marticorena pointed out the need for empathy for her clients.

“They need the sense that we know what they’re going through,” she explained.

Marticorena also touts her ability to work with outside experts, because, as she points out, “The field of family law often involves real estate experts, forensic accountants, tax professionals, and mental health professionals. I can usually spot a case, and see when I need to bring in an outside expert to build a team for the client and to have different minds on the same legal problem to find solutions for the same legal issue.”

Add that to her strong civil sense and an understanding of how people think and feel, and it’s easy to see the case for her success.


Schweitzer Law Partners are at 201 S Lake Ave #800, Pasadena (626) 683-8113.





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