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Kidspace Brings the Winter to Pasadena — Kid-Sized

Local museum opens its new ‘Winter Frolic’
Published on Dec 25, 2021

Running through January 9, 2022, “Winter Frolic”  at Kidspace Children’s Museum is a winter wonderland for children, says Kidspace Museum CEO Lisa Clements.

‘It’s full of all of the joy and big moments of the holidays that bring families together,” she said, “like music and sock skating, and ice fishing, and decorating with snowflakes, but on a more intimate, kid-sized scale.”

Sock skating? Why, yes, thank you for asking.

Just inside the entrance, the museum has laid down an approximately 100-foot slippery surface—more like a polished kitchen floor—where children and parents can slip off their shoes and slide along to their heart’s content.

“Skates can be tricky,” said Clements, “particularly if you’re just learning, so sock skating is something that everybody can do, and it’s fun for family members of all ages.”

The Museum’s Tricycle Track has also been converted to the “Polar Prix,” where young drivers maneuver their three-wheeled machines around “penguins and icebergs.”

In addition, KidSpace’s Build Guild offers little ones the opportunity to build with “Ice Blocks,” which look like real ice blocks but won’t freeze little fingers.

Clements has high hopes for the new winter mode, saying, “This is our first winter frolic, but we know it’s going to become an annual winter tradition.”

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