Kidspace Ramps Up October

Longtime Pasadena landmark children’s museum offers a ‘non-spooky’ Halloween for pumpkins of all ages
Published on Oct 13, 2021

Safely masked and costumed Power Rangers, princesses, queens, cowboys and firefighters, among others, marched in the courtyard of Kidspace Children’s Museum Tuesday as the longtime children’s play place welcomed the Halloween season.

As CEO Lisa Clements said Tuesday, “We believe that everything begins with joy. Joy is the underpinning of all of our activities, arts and crafts, celebration, music, and all our Kidspace programs.”

Clements continued, “It’s a place where parents and kids can get together and reconnect, so it’s very important for us, for Halloween this year, to really celebrate in a joyful way.”

Clements acknowledged that parents had to be “very creative” in the face of the pandemic last year, to celebrate the holiday in a safe and fun way.

“What they missed,” she said, “was the chance to actually get out and celebrate with their community and their families in a social setting. So this Halloween we’re really offering a wonderful opportunity to come back, and to celebrate with costumes and confetti and pumpkins and do all the things that families have been missing for the past year and a half.”

A costumed pirate led the children through and around the courtyard, as both parents and kids marched to the music, and showed off their costumes while posing for countless photos and selfies.

Along with the Halloween activities, Kidspace offers a wide range of activities in and around its four-acre-plus space, tucked behind a baseball field near the Brookside Aquatic Center, in the shadow of the Rose Bowl.

There is the Mighty Build Guild, where children can construct their own cardboard objects and buildings, a snake exhibit with live snakes as well as puppets, an imagination workshop, a trike concourse for budding young drivers, as well as a jungle climbing apparatus along with a jillion places to jump and climb and explore, as kids do.

“This Halloween is very friendly,” said Clements. “There’s nothing spooky about our celebration, especially for the little pumpkins in the family. ”

Kidspace is also planning a November “Winter Frolic” event to welcome the season, said Clements, who was tight-lipped about specifics, but mentioned the words, “all-new spectacular celebration.”

Sounds pretty cool. But dress warm.

All Halloween-themed activities are included in general admission. Tickets can be reserved at

Kidspace Children’s Museum, 480 N. Arroyo Blvd. Pasadena, CA.


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