Let Mom Buy Her Perfect Gift Online!

A virtual gift experience gives Mom a better reason to get online
Published on May 3, 2020

You know your mom pretty well, but it stands to reason she knows herself better. That steam-powered vacuum cleaner that plays DVDs on a teeny screen and makes the cat race off in fear, might look good in the store, but it might also find a forever home in the hall closet.

Now Mom can select a gift she loves without being overwhelmed or uninspired by gift cards, cash, or a store that she can’t visit anyway these days.  Appreciate, motivate and celebrate her with a virtual gift experience.

Here’s the deal. You go to https://cultivatepcg.com/, and give them an amount Mom can go to town with. Mom then shops a curated product mix designed for your budget and selects a gift she loves. Everything from work-from-home essentials to housewares and electronics is available for your budget, and sure to provide your favorite Mom with a gift she will love as soon the second it hits it hits her doorstep. 

It’s kinda like Christmas in May, but isn’t that what she’s like, too? 

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