Lineage Danced Through the Decades at Their Annual Gala

Published on Oct 20, 2022

On Saturday, October 8, Lineage Dance guests joined Lineage Dance for their Dancing Through the Decades, annual gala. Held in a private home in Pasadena, the event featured delicious food, short performances, and the company of the rest of the Lineage family, all while supporting the programs that lift up the community.

“This year, the theme is ‘Dancing Through the Decades’ as we are working on a new production that will celebrate various decades,” Artistic Director Hilary Thomas of Lineage Dance said. “People can come to honor whatever their favorite decade is.”

Lineage is a home for connecting through the arts; a place to find your creative voice through dance, music, theater, and other performing arts. They produce their own performances, serve as a home for visiting artists to produce their own work, and create opportunities to grow and advance through education.

“We started as a dance company, and now we are a performing group of actors and musicians and dancers,” she said. “And as we continue to expand, we have more people involved in every element of the work and more volunteers, greater audiences and a greater donor base. And I think that as more people call this place their home, we are going to continue to expand because we just keep creating new programs to accommodate all of the people that are hanging out here.”

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