New Year, No Bites: Mosquito Safety Tips for Winter 2020

Published on Dec 23, 2019

By the time the holiday rain passes over Pasadena, it will be the new year. Start 2020 off right by mosquito-proofing your home before the weather warms. The experts at San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Control Districts recommends the top three things you must do now:

1. Tip out stagnant water – It’s no secret that a teaspoon of water is enough to grow mosquitoes. What many people don’t know is the winter is the perfect time to reduce these mosquito habitats around the home.

2. Toss out containers – Did you know there are can be hundreds of mosquito eggs lying dormant in every yard? Those black-and-white Aedes mosquitoes (“ankle biters”) may be gone this winter, but they’ve left behind time capsules that are ready to hatch when the weather warms. Toss out any unused containers to prevent them from taking over your home in the spring!

3. Protect with repellent – It is impossible to eliminate every mosquito, but we all can use insect repellent to block the bites. Not a fan of DEET? No problem! Alternative ingredients such as picaridin and oil of lemon eucalyptus are recommended by the CDC and are just as effective as DEET. Remember to always follow label instructions before using.

With these three tips, residents in Pasadena will create a more bite-free neighborhood in 2020.

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