Pasadena-based Community Arts Organization Resumes In-person Arts Workshops, 2 Years After Pandemic Shutdown

Published on Mar 21, 2022


Pasadena-based community arts organization TA’YER, is resuming live performances after nearly two years of COVID closures with a series of multidisciplinary workshops.

The workshops which include a combination of theater, literature, writing, creative writing, and dance, are free and open for participants of all ages.

The workshops will be held every Thursday through April 7 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at 236 W. Mountain St. Unit 117, Pasadena. 

According to Fernando Castro, Executive Director of TA’YER, there will be live performances from participants, at the end of every workshop session. 

“There will be a dramatic reading of the writings of participants and there should also be the element of theater in the staging and helping people prepare to deliver their writings.”

“There will also be an element of participation from the audience as well. So we prepare for them. They can also join the experience that we have in the workshops.”

The upcoming workshops are centered around the theme of the “quinceañera,” the Latino coming-of-age celebration of a girl’s fifteenth birthday and her transition from childhood to adulthood.

Castro believes that this is a timely theme as many people are now beginning to recover from the impact of the pandemic. 

“The pandemic was our coming-of-age moment. We will never be the same again. As we come out into the world again, the quinceañera metaphor recognizes both the struggle and the joy of growing-up, overcoming adversity and crossing an important coming-of-age moment,” Castro said. 

TA’YER is partnering with the Pasadena/Altadena Coalition of Transformative Leaders, a nonprofit community for the workshops. 

TA’YER was founded in 1987 as a multicultural, multidisciplinary, bilingual (English and Spanish) performance collective. 

The organization provides emerging artists and community members with technical and artistic training and the opportunity to explore a variety of artistic disciplines with professional artists.  

For more information, contact Manuel Santiago by phone (323) 244-7473 or

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