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Pasadena Humane Shares Tips on Keeping Pets Safe and Calm Over the Fourth of July Weekend

Published on Jul 2, 2022

There’s a lot of excitement ahead of the Fourth of July weekend, but many pet parents know it’s anything but fun for their dogs and cats who become anxious and stressed due to the noise from fireworks.

Pasadena Humane has some tips for keeping furry family members safe this independence day.

First tip: never bring your pet to a fireworks display. 

Pasade Humane said all pet parents should make sure animals are inside the house when fireworks start going off.

“Dogs and cats scared by loud [noises] are more likely to run away. Never take your dog to a fireworks display,” Jamie Holeman, Sr. Director of Marketing & Communications of Pasadena Humane said. 

Second, before the fireworks start, owners should give their pets activities or take them to a walk to burn off excess energy. 

During fireworks, pet parents can calm their pets by giving them activities that would take their mind off the noise, said Holeman.

“Distract kitty with an engaging wand toy. Provide pup with his favorite chew toy or a bully stick.” 

Third, when fireworks start going off, Holeman said pet parents should try playing calming music, giving calming treats, or using a Thundershirt, a pressure wrap – to relieve symptoms of anxiety of their pets. 

Holeman said pet parents can pick up a Thundershirt at the Pasadena Humane Shelter Shop. 

Pet owners are advised to speak with their veterinarian if they think their pet may benefit from anti-anxiety medication.  

Holeman advised pet owners to ensure their pets are wearing a collar with a current ID tag and dog license during the Fourth of July weekend because the noise from fireworks can not only frighten dogs but can also cause them to flee. 

To ensure that lost pets will be brought back to owners, the organization encourages pet parents to get their pets microchipped and be sure that the contact information on the chip is up to date. 

“If your pet goes missing or you find a lost pet, try reuniting the pet with its owner. Most pets are found very close to where they live.” 

“Post on your local Nextdoor or neighborhood Facebook group. Create a Pawboost alert and register your pet on Petco Love Lost. We also recommend you check the lost pets listing on your local shelter’s website.” 

Pasadena Humane will be open by appointment during normal business hours on the Fourth of July. Its animal control officers will also be available to assist with lost pets throughout the holiday weekend. 

Those in need of help with a lost or found pet can contact 626.792.7151 ext. 997 or email For after-hours assistance, call 626.792.7151 ext. 970.


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