‘Harvest’ Water With These Rain Barrels Going on Offer From Pasadena Water and Power

They cost $65 each, but rebates are available
Published on Mar 9, 2021

Pasadena Water and Power, along with the Foothill Municipal Water District, the Crescenta Valley Water District, Liberty Utilities, Glendale Water and Power, and Burbank Water and Power are hosting a five-day rain barrel distribution event from March 22 through 26 in which customers can easily pre-order a rain barrel online – and all orders will include contact-less delivery.

Rain barrels capture – or “harvest” – water from your roof and hold it for later use, such as for watering the lawn, garden, or indoor plants. By collecting roof runoff using rain barrels, you reduce the amount of water that flows from your property. This way, you help conserve water and collect free water for use on your landscape.

Rain barrels not only help save money on your water bills but they also reduce erosion and flooding caused by turbulent stormwater runoff. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), rain barrels have the ability to save the average homeowner up to 1,300 gallons of water, which is a lot of water that does not become runoff.

Other than rain barrels, homeowners may also use cisterns to “harvest” rainwater. With a greater storage capacity, cisterns may be located above or below ground.

At this PWP rain barrel distribution event, all rain barrels will be delivered directly to your front porch between March 22 and 26. Residents do not need to be present during delivery.

Each rain barrel costs $65 but partial and full amount rebates are available.

Rain barrels are made of recycled food-grade plastic, 39 inches tall and 23 inches in diameter, and with a capacity of over 51 gallons. Each barrel includes a four-inch tight steel mesh screen, and available in black or terracotta colors. There’s also a solid brass 3/4-inch spigot for garden hose attachment and side brass overflow.

Each household can order up to two rain barrels with rebates. Only Pasadena residents receive rebates for the full price of the rain barrel; all other cities or water agencies offer $35 per barrel.

Pre-order is required, so visit www.rainbarrelsintl.com/events-order.asp?id=458 now to order.

For more information, contact info@RainBarrelsIntl.com, or call (626) 744-4005.

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