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Pasadena’s Tuesday Musicale Presents a Diverse Musical Showcase at Altadena Baptist Church

Published on Dec 3, 2023

Nestled within the heart of Altadena, a musical tapestry is set to unfurl at the Altadena Baptist Church on Tuesday, December 5. Hosted by the Tuesday Musicale of Pasadena, this upcoming event promises an afternoon brimming with artistic fervor and a medley of captivating performances.

The church will resonate with the melodies of accomplished artists, forming a constellation of talent that includes a cadre of esteemed musicians. Among them, violin virtuoso Roberta Wilcox will craft mesmerizing melodies while pianist extraordinaire Jo Ann Haycraft graces the keys with finesse. The event will also witness the dulcet tones of mezzo-soprano Bernice Brightbill, violist Tamara Cognetta, pianist Geraldine Keeling, French Horn maestro Carlos Robles, and the lyrical prowess of violinist Peter Chang.

The musical spectacle doesn’t end there. Joining this symphony of talent are additional artists, including soprano Diana Briscoe, the dynamic duo of pianists Priscilla Yam and Tomoko Takasugi, and the soul-stirring solo clarinetist Albert Rice. As an added treat, an enthralling trio featuring clarinet, viola, and piano will grace the stage, composed of Emily Denny, Sue Reinecke, and Sharon Chan.

This auditory feast promises an eclectic repertoire, weaving together compositions by the likes of Rachmaninoff, Corelli, Brahms, and an interactive session of carol singing that invites audience participation, uniting voices in melodious harmony.

Embodying a tradition since 1914, the Tuesday Musicale of Pasadena has fervently championed musical appreciation within the community, nurturing burgeoning talent and fostering a deep-seated love for musical arts.

This event is free and open to the public, beckoning music aficionados and casual listeners alike to immerse themselves in a symphonic rendezvous of classical elegance and vocal splendor. The Tuesday Musicale Concert will be held at the Altadena Baptist Church located at 791 E Calaveras St, Altadena. For more information, call 626-797-1994 or visit

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