Redefining the Office Party

Pasadena event venue pivots to become caterer for virtual meetings, great parties, even happy hours in the new “working from home” world
Published on Oct 21, 2020

In these remarkable times, it’s how you deal with the hand you’re dealt that might be the measure of your success. At the law firm of Donald Schweitzer, business life has gone on with virtual meetings, virtual offices, and no court appearances. How to beef up team spirit and keep peak morale up under those circumstances?

Loxi Wyndle, the company’s billing & collections specialist, described their solution:

“Since we’ve been in the whole COVID lockdown, we’ve not been able to do birthday lunches and such, because of the distancing thing,” she told Pasadena Now recently. “So we decided this time we were going to go the distance to have a really, really good lunch.”

Enter NOOR’s new catering service.  The popular event venue, the site of scores of holiday parties in the fall and winter during pre-pandemic times, recently launched its office catering platform, delivering to office employees in offices and home offices, too.

Wyndle was clearly impressed with the results.

“We had the fire-roasted chicken breast with mushroom and Champagne cream sauce and filet of salmon with a citrus beurre blanc and it came with amazing vegetables, cooked perfectly al dente. And potatoes and a beautiful raspberry vinaigrette tossed salad,” she said.

The experience was remarkable in enjoyable it was and how the camaraderie shone through, she said.

“It was just like you were sitting at a NOOR event, where we have always had our holiday parties, and you had it right in front of you. It was just the best ‘to go’ experience I’ve ever had and everybody here really enjoyed it.”

As the Schweitzer firm is a longtime client, Robert Shahnazarian, NOOR’s head of sales and marketing, personally supervised the delivery.

“They set everything up. It was perfect. Absolutely perfect,” said Wyndle.

Plus, there is the freshness factor.

“Everything is always really fresh,” said Wyndle. “And the salad! I don’t know where they get their vinaigrette, but I could practically drink it.”

Shahnazarian said the delicious food NOOR has become known for is available for your own private family or business events.

“We launched our catering platform,, to address the collective new reality we are all experiencing during the COVID pandemic.  Food and drinks have always been the cornerstone for meetings and social events and our catering service encourages people to continue connecting virtually while we remain socially distant,” he explained recently.

The same care that developed the skill needed to serve hundreds of meals simultaneously during in-person events was turned to focus on developing techniques for creating event venue food experiences, at home.

NOOR has already partnered up with delivery companies and is currently delivering meals three times a week throughout Pasadena for the LA County “Great Plates” program.

The company has also launched a new website,, to service virtual meetings and events and deliver within a 20 mile radius.

Shahnazarian pointed out that with employees working remotely, companies can arrange for working lunches or extended catered meetings and have the food and beverages delivered to their employees.

Even a celebratory happy hour with delivered cocktails and hors d’oeuvres after the company lands a big new client is now a possibility, he said.

And the final verdict from the law firm? “It was just really, really good.”

NOOR Catering is available at For information, call (626) 400-6537.

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