Sell Your House in 72 Hours? New Company Says it’s Possible

Home selling service calls itself the “Uber” of the real estate market
By EDDIE RIVERA, Community Editor
Published on Feb 10, 2020

Selling your home is hard enough.

Other than buying the house, it’s one of the most important things you’ll ever do in your financial lifetime. It takes planning, foresight, careful management, and time. Lots of time.

But what if that time element could be dramatically reduced? Seriously, dramatically reduced.

Pasadena Realtor Nathalie Abdoyan says she might have the answer to that one. She’ll sell your house in 72 hours. Three days. Monday to Wednesday. Wednesday to Friday. Friday to Sunday. You get the idea.

Abdoyan, a Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway HS Golden Properties has now become a local representative for 72hoursold an international company that offers more convenient ways of selling a home, a new concept that has taken over the Real Estate Market in any areas across the nation. According to Abdoyan, the program has been tested and proven successful in many areas, essentially compressing all the elements in a home sale into the aforementioned three days.

“With traditional marketing,” Abdoyan explained, “they take a listing between three to six months, and during that process, they market the house and hope to sell it during that period of time.”

But with the 72 Hour program, she explained, many of the marketing elements are “front loaded.”

Says Abdoyan, “We do everything in advance, prior to the time of the listing, and we make sure that we find all the potential buyers out there.”

‘Then,” she explained, “when the house comes on the market that first day, we bring all of the buyers together within a very short period of time.”

It’s what the company calls “compressed showing.”

During the compressed showings, buyers are shown the house within the limited time frame, and the company works to make sure that within 72 hours the owners get an offer (or multiple offers).

According to Abdoyan, the company ensures that the buyers bring their best offers, “because the decision is going to be made during that 72 hours.”

“This will create a competitive environment in the mindset of the buyer,” Abdoyan continued, “and they want to make sure, that once they like the home, they present their best offer to the owners.”

“Every home is so different,” Abdoyan continued, “so we have to tell them how to present it, and how to bring up the home’s appeal, to make sure that when buyers see it, they see the value. And they put in an offer.”

Abdoyan also works from a database of buyers as well, buyers who are actively looking.

As Abdoyan explained, “Whenever I bring any listing on the market, I do let my buyers know that this listing is coming up, they will be the first people to know.”

Each buyer in the database is extensively queried beforehand to create a solid fit, says Abdoyan. Buyers are surveyed as to neighborhoods, sizes, and the exact features they’re looking for in their home.

Abdoyan describes the entire process as somewhere between an auction and a traditional real estate sale, but the difference is that with auction sales, a seller must sell if the required bids is reached.

But, says Abdoyan, “We won’t push sellers to sell, if they don’t want to do it, but within 72 hours we present offers to them, and they can always negotiate. The offers will be represented within 72 hours, and most of the time the offers are at listing price or above.”

According to Abdoyan, the “front-loaded marketing” techniques create enthusiasm in the marketplace before a home goes on sale. “People line up to see the home.”

And unlike other home buying services, says Abdoyan, the 72 Hour buyers are serious buyers.

Other buyers, like Zillow, says Abdoyan, are discounted buyers, who offer prices that are often 15% or 20% below market price because they want to buy it right away.

“For us, we feel that’s not right,” says Abdoyan. “Why would you want to sell your house for less, if you can sell it within 72 hours with full retail price, and sometimes above market price. We give sellers a chance in three days or 72 hours, to get full market price.”

As a new concept, says Abdoyan, the inventory for homes in Pasadena is still low, but she is confident that more will be available soon.

Abdoyan says interested buyers can call her directly or visit her website. The website features a video which further explains the 72 Hour program, says Abdoyan.

“I am personally super excited,” Abdoyan told Pasadena Now, “because it’s something very new, and has been featured on major TV networks like Forbes, CNBC, as well as NBC. It’s like Uber. It’s going to change everything in the real estate market in the way of selling homes.”

Nathalie Abdoyan is available at (626) 841-0727. Her website is

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